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Group Savings Programs

Group Savings Programs are key to preparing Early Years employees for a great retirement.

You want your employees to be happy and build their savings. You want them to stay with you for a long time. You want your job offer to be meaningful.

Group Savings Programs are an important way to achieve all these goals and more.

Group Savings Programs Calgary

Our Association Group Savings Program is similar to a Pension Plan and has additional features and flexibility.

The Canadian Childcare Employee Group Savings Programs come in many different forms. Your assigned professional advisor works with you to figure out the best design for your needs, goals and budget.

  • Employees save the taxes associated with their payroll deposit. Normally, when people make RSP deposits at their bank, their full income tax is deducted from their pay. They claim those deductions back when they file their taxes.
    With this Group Savings Program, your money goes further. Your regular deposit is taken off your pay before taxes. This means you have approximately 30% more money to invest right away.
  • Although not necessary, Group Savings Plans work best when you match some or all of the employee deposit.

  • Group savings plans have lower management fees compared to similar investments from banks. All investments have management fees. Most are hidden. We expose them for you.
  • If you already have a group savings plan, when did you last evaluate your fees to see if they can be reduced?
  • Employees can watch our education videos. Employees will learn how RSPs and TFSAs work to help prepare them for emergencies and retirement

  • The plan can be set up so you keep your match if an employee leaves too soon

  • Plans can be set up for ANY size of group

  • If you do not qualify for your employer plan, we can still help. Please reach out and we will let you know your options
RSP Comparison (CCEBA)
Speak to us now to see how a group savings plan can help your Early Years Centre help the professionals who care for our children.
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